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Gaia Ozwyn is a London based contemporary abstract oil painter. Born in 1991, she was raised in Devon, in the southwest of England, to a British mother and Jamaican Father. From here she was first trained as a biomedical scientist, then went on to study medicine at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Gaia now works in the NHS as a doctor. Artistically, she has progressed from representational work to an abstract approach in the last decade, working to bridge the gap between the scientific and emotional. 


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My practice is concerned with the concept of duality, challenging views on identity and the relationship between art and science. Taking inspiration from both earthly and ethereal landscapes, I aim to create a unique contrast of clarity and obscurity, evoking the distinct feeling of loneliness within the natural environment, despite its all-encompassing and universal presence. In addition to oil painting, I explore the use of concrete whilst attempting to maintain a sense of calm through my choice of tone and minimalistic composition. 


Interpretations of constructivism enabled artists to forge links with industrialism and the scientific approach by employing geometric and mathematical narrative, leading to ’Concretism’; that art should only represent itself, and nothing of the world around it. The divergence of the ‘neo-concrete’ movement focused on the ability of concrete to be more reflective of life, bodily senses and expression rather than simply constrained by its industrial or scientific origins. Through my own practice, I am eager to build on these approaches. By exploration of materiality and use of concrete as a sculptural element to be used within my paintings, I am attempting to bridge the gap between the more rationalistic, or emotionally sober concept of concretism and a more expressive, reflective perspective.


In addition to looking at both historical context and contemporary artists, my research incorporates photography and sketches of natural rock formations and fossilised material, focusing on not only the substrates but how they interact with their surroundings. Through deliberate and intentional exploration of colour and gesture, I hope to further understand but also to test and challenge the scope of my practice.

Recent Exhibitions

Eternal Elements’ by Diba Art - 5th-7th May 2022

S&P Gallery, 58 Gloucester road, South Kensington

The Drawing Rooms Gallery - 25th June –December 2021 (West Maling, Kent) 

SuperGlue 21 - Espacio gallery 14th- 17th July 2021

London Art Biennale - 30th June - 4th July 2021 

New Era: part 1  31st March – 21st April 2021 (Virtual Exhibition)

Studio 3 arts - 26th October - 11 Dec 2020

Studio 3 arts - 16 Sep 2019 – 10 Nov 2019

Publication / media 

Aesthetica Art Prize 2022- Longlisted artist 

Future Now Anthology 2022

Interview by Henry Dowson, Superglue Collective

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