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Gaia Ozwyn is a London based contemporary oil painter working with sculptural concrete elements to challenge assumptions about the relative; how contrast in materiality can relate to ideas of belonging, race identity and ‘othering’. Born in 1991, she was raised in a Caribbean-British household. From here, Gaia was first trained as a biomedical scientist, then proceeded to study Medicine at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry; she has now been working in the NHS as a doctor for several years, but has taken a step back from medicine to concentrate on painting full time and is now undertaking a painting MA at the Royal College of Art, kindly supported by the Frank Bowling Scholarship. 


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Through world-building in an imagined ethereal plane, I challenge the idea of belonging, and explore the duality of the human condition when existing in a liminal space. By making and incorporating concrete as a sculptural element in my oil paintings, I aim to create a visual and tactile contrast to encourage contemplation of the materials themselves and how these reflect our dynamic, and often contradictory, psychological processes. I have chosen materials which confront one another, both physically and symbolically, to invite both at once intimacy and loneliness. Raised in a space between Afro-Caribbean and British culture, I can’t help but reflect in my paintings an interior state of quasi-belonging. Drawing on my background in science and medicine, the use of concrete is symbolic of externally perceived aspects of my own life experiences as viewed by the ‘other’; fixed assumptions, binary states and permanence of thought. This is in direct contrast to the acceptance of collective vulnerability, a perhaps chaotic but powerful experience, which I try to invite through painterly gesture across my work. 

Recent Exhibitions

Peckham Safehouse: 'If You Are Lost, This is Where You Can Be Found' - 16th-19th Nov 2023. Group Exhibition of Current MA painting students from the Royal College of Art. 

London Art Biennale - 27th-30th July 2023

Eternal Elements’ by Diba Art - 5th-7th May 2022

S&P Gallery, 58 Gloucester road, South Kensington

The Drawing Rooms Gallery - 25th June –December 2021 (West Maling, Kent) 

SuperGlue 21 - Espacio gallery 14th- 17th July 2021

London Art Biennale - 30th June - 4th July 2021 

New Era: part 1  31st March – 21st April 2021 (Virtual Exhibition)

Studio 3 arts - 26th October - 11 Dec 2020

Studio 3 arts - 16 Sep 2019 – 10 Nov 2019

Publication / media 

Aesthetica Art Prize 2022- Longlisted artist 

Future Now Anthology 2022

Interview by Henry Dowson, Superglue Collective

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