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 Delving into the intricacies of world-building in an ethereal, imagined plane - Gaia Ozwyn interrogates ideas of solitude and belonging, the false dichotomies within intermediary spaces. By merging sculptural elements with painterly gestures, Ozwyn fosters dialogue between the concrete and the ephemeral, inviting observers into a realm where the tactile and conceptual converge and where personal narrative can echo universal truths.


Raised within the embrace of Afro-Caribbean and British cultures, and through the intersection of art and science, Ozwyns work is a reflection of a quasi-belonging, which invites both intimacy and loneliness as she explores the tensions and harmonies between the contrasting elements of her own identity. In response to prevailing narratives surrounding 'otherness,' Ozwyn advocates for the dismantling of simplistic binaries to gain a more refined and nuanced understanding of identity. Her work questions and celebrates the complex web of connections that define our sense of self and our place within the rich tapestry of human experience.


Born in 1991 to a Caribbean-British family, Gaia Ozwyn's multifaceted identity deeply informs her work, prompting a nuanced exploration of belonging and 'otherness.' Initially pursuing a career in the sciences, Ozwyn received training as a biomedical scientist and later studied Medicine, dedicating several years to serving as a doctor in the NHS. Ozwyn has pivoted to a full time painting practice and is completing a painting MA at the Royal College of Art, supported by the Sir Frank Bowling Scholarship. 

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Instagram @gaia.ozwyn 

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